Hebla was created in 1996 in Carate Brianza and started designing and producing specific equipment for professional grooming.

Two hairdryers and three blowers were launched first, and the pet cosmetic department, under the responsibility of one of the partners since 1992, was expanded.

Three years later the first self service stations were introduced and the repairs and components department was further developed.

Meanwhile our company moved from Carate Brianza to Albiate and later to its present location in Cassago Brianza (LC).

Our hallmarks have always been and still are the sale of equipment exclusively of our production, except for hair clippers, and a strong focus on customized and turn-key projects to better meet the specific requirement of pet groomers.

Therefore we do not offer a range of standard tubs, but products specifically designed for the shape of the premises where they are to be installed and suitable to the different habits and work methods of our Customers.

Over the years we have perfected our working techniques in the field of extraction systems (currently available in three models), blow-dryers (available in three models), “heat exchange” systems for self-service stations and professional grooming parlors.

We also specialize in the repair and sharpening of tools and hair clippers (Moser, Oester, Heiniger, Aesculap, Andis…..) more, and have a wide range of spare parts in stock, including those for large size equipment (ovines, bovines and equines).

Our consumables area has also been expanded and, in addition to the traditional well-known and reputed “Baldecchi” line, we now offer a new range of specific innovative Italian products.

 Some of our references

 In recent years an unexpected phenomenon emerged: the proliferation of grooming parlors, pet shops, veterinarian practices, breeding kennels and pensions for dogs and cats.

The results have not always been positive because of the enormous improvisation of the operators, and the ensuing struggle for market share caused a lot of victims.

In the current general disorientation both of the experienced specialists and of the newcomer


s, we have tried to keep a steady course and provided appropriate services as well as sound advice to our Customers who turn to us not only as a supplier of goods but also as a provider of guidance on the most appropriate solutions in order to react to the financial crisis or start a career in the world of pet care.

We have therefore designed a range of innovative and complete grooming parlors, equipped with tubs, shelves and extraction systems.

 The noise problem

 The noise generated by the equipment in operation is a very important problem and its solution is not easy.

In general our approach is three-pronged:

Where possible we try to isolate, the motors in premises adjacent to the working areas;

We conduct advance inspections to avoid installing blowers and fans close to hollow “service conduits” housing piping and electric cables likely to and amplify and carry the noise to premises adjacent to the working area;

We make extensive use of acoustic insulating materials and keep constantly up-to-date on the newest technologies.

The noisiest appliances are blowers, hair extraction systems and aspirators for liquids. Hairdryers are no longer a problem except for obsolete models or units subject to operating problems (bearings).

Motors should never be placed close to the ceilings and, should this be unavoidable, a “pyramidal” sound absorbing material should be applied. The same is true for partition walls. However, in some cases, the noisiest equipment can be mounted outside the working premises (for instance under a porch) and enclosed in a PVC cabinet for extra insulation: in our experience this provides very good results as you can read in the previous paragraph. 


Two models are available: wall-mounted (code 1115TC) with remote control, portable with a handle under the base (code 1115CA).


Two options are available: wall-mounted (code 1115BG) with remote control;  floor—standing unit in an enclosure mounted on wheels (code 1115BGC).


With air temperature control (code 1112SC). Applicable to floor-stand or wall bracket.


Tree models are available: fixed tub with a front door, code 1134SP; tub liftable with electric motor code 1135W; tube liftable with “pedal” code 1136W. The bottom is sloped towards the drain; a movable raising allows all dog sizes to be washed effortlessly. The standard size (cm. 78x140x100 h) can be customized on request.


Two models: pump-adjustable tables liftable with electric motor code 1123D and liftable with “pedal” code 1122D. Measures plan cm. 60 x 120; retention bar included.


The extractors (code 1119) have a specially designed “small hand” tool to convey the water and hair to a tank of approximately 35 liters capacity.